Malware Sucks!


Dear Microsoft… Like Me Sphincter!

It seems to me that, if I configure my own computer to do things the way I like, that any thing outside my control that changes those settings is technically malware.

Apparently, Windows Defender doesn’t catch ALL malware.

When I boot up a Windows machine or VM, it’s generally with the intent of getting something done that requires Windows. It’s NEVER with the intent of dealing with odd behaviour from Microsoft. (I know, I know… Default action on booting Windows is to spend time trying to get it into a usable state.)

Maybe, if I was in the habit of using Windows daily, I’d eventually get used to it. But I’m not a masochist. So I’ll never know.

I wonder if Mac users have similar fun issues… Who am I kidding? They don’t set up their machines to match their workflow. That’s just not how Macs work.